Which one that becomes great football team in around the world? The best football team needs to win at least one trophy. In addition, they also need to practice high skill football play and effective football. The most important thing, they need to have endured time for gain competition and rivalry with other in intense. The Best Legendary Football Team

What makes great team of football?

Sport for long time has becomes a great show of skill and higher degree of fitness.  Football has becomes sport that shows this criteria. The best team football below are chosen based on their history achievement in international team and the club football team.

  1. Arsenal

Arsenal has unbeatable for 2003-2004 Premier League seasons. Arsenal won more games and finishing 90 points in 2012. The attacking style team destroyed the opposition, and lead them into the league title winning. They have recorded of 49 unbeaten Premier Leagues Best Team ever.

  1. Milan

In this 6 years period, AC Milan has gain European Cup, 3 times (Champion League), and Italian League 4 times. AC Milan is football team that dominated European football. This team has supported with high world class player such as Paolo Maldini, RuudGullit, and many more.

  1. Liverpool

Liverpool wins their glory year in 1984 when this team achieves European Cup, domestic cup and league in same year. The star player, Ian Rush record 47 goals in this season. agen sbobet terpercaya

  1. West Germany

The German team is the team that notable with best football player in all of the time. The team won European Championship in 1972 and at 1974 the team won World Cup.

  1. France

In 1998, France has their glory year. This Team won World Cup and beat the most favorite football team, Brazil 3-0 in final match. In next 2000, this team won European Championship; defeat Italy with goal 2-1 from David Trezequet.  The other best players from this team that notable are Thieryy henry, Zinedine Zidane, Lauren Blanch, and Didier Deschamps.

  1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid until now is notable as best football team. In period of 1955-1960, this team known as the best team in world with their achievements in international championship and domestic. This team got their European Cup 5 time row in range year 1955-1960. In 1960 final, this team beat Entrechat Frankfurt 7-3 and noted as one of best football all of  time.

  1. Manchester United  

In 1998-1990 the team has won several championships include the prestigious tittle Champions League, FA Cup, and Premier League.  The Manchester United has noted with the famous and popular high skill football player such as Ryan Gigs, David Beckham, Roy Keane, Paul Scholes and many more. Such as other team under sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United team is tough team that will struggle into the lasts whistles. This can be seen on the best match on final 1999 Champions League math. The team against Bayern Munich and they come to win the game with the latest timing goal from   Solskjer and Sheringham.

Barcelona The Best Team in Football
Ronaldinho (L), Messi (C), O’too (R)
  1. Barcelona

In 10 years after   achievement from Manchester United, Barcelona starts their step to become the best Spain football club ever.  Barcelona beat Manchester united in final match in Champions League with the result 2-0.  This team also beat Real Madrid in La Liga 6-2 and also won the Copa Del Rey. In this season, the Barcelona player Lionel Messy gets achievement for best football player in the world.  Below the coaches of Pep Guardiola, Lionel Mesi even get doubled achievement from his career. The Tiki-Taka Style from Barcelona also becomes the important factor that lead this team into winner from domestic league and FIFA world Cup, UEFA Super Cups inn 2009.

  1. Brazil

1970 becomes the greatest World cup event in the time. Brazil collected 19 goals from 6 games. This game also noted as beautiful football attacking style from greatest player such as Pele, Rivelion, and Gerzon.

  1. Spain

In range 2007-20012, this becomes the biggest time for glory of Spain. In 2008 and 2012, this team won Championships League, and in 20100 this team won World Cup FIFA.  This team also notes unbeaten 35 games in their World Cup qualification.

Who becomes a great football manager?

Talk about great football club, it can be separated from important role from a club manager. Managing football club need high end talents and also knowledge about the game. They need to direct the team and manage the strategy when they take match with other club.

  • Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is known with his team that keep the ball possession, press the relentlessly, and the creativity of sublime. He is manager from Barcelona and takes this team into wining many trophy and champions.

  • Arsene Wenger

He is manager from Arsenal. He has been criticized for trust youth and also reluctant to the club. His achievement before entire season unbeaten inn 2003/2004.

  • Louis Van Gaal

Louis Van Gaal is known with his direct style and strict disciplinarian leadership. He has described as person that arrogant and proud, but his artistry and authority has leaded him as success football manager. When join in Ajax, he lead the Champion League (1995), UEFA Cup (1992), 1 domestic cup and 3 leagues titles. (Read also: Want to know the best Premier League Jersey? Click Here)

  • Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho, Portuguese coach that known with his well-organized defense tactic and has good physical strength ion his team.  Mourinho has won at least 8 league titles and 4 domestic cups when he joined with Chelsea, Inter Milan, Porto and Real Madrid. With Porto, he won 2003 UEFA cup and Champions League in 2004. In 2010, he lead Inter into winner of Champion League and in 2017, he lead Manchester United to win Champions League.CARLO ANCELOTTI REAL MADRID MANAGER

  • Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti has 20 trophies to his name and becomes the most prestigious managers in this list. With Real Madrid, he lead this club to won Champions League in 2014, he becomes the current active managers that win the tournament in three times.  Before this, he won the cup twice with Milan in 2007 and 2003. Versatility and adaptability becomes style of ancelotti management style.


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