Adidas and Nike as jersey premiere league were raising the game to the incredible level, then we were being reacted to some of best kits that we ever seen in football world. Come up from minimalist design Real Madrid and Forentina and elaborating the artworks which is new Pumas UNAM kit. Of course, each of them has their own design that can attract many fans. New season had been coming and you might look for new jersey that had been released for each club. As mentioned before that some of what we had been seen look really stand out. You should also note that Nike was only providing kits for one team in this season. Best Jersey Premiere League 2016/2017

Here, several best Premier League Jerseys for this 2016/2017 season:

– The Southampton

The kit maker is Under Armour had been really made this mark with Southampton’s home jersey. They already take everything traditional about this club and sponsor’s logo as well. they come with incredible blend that you never find before. Nothing was overpowering in this home design and you might state that this can be the most classic jersey which other should look for getting inspiration. The away design also as good in grey panel that make this kits look so standout.

– The Stoke City

Do not want getting beaten, Stoke City’s home jersey also has beautiful design as well. It has very synergic design. This is almost looking like Under Armour and Macron which took the same class in the Kit Making 101. This jersey, you can find red and white line with the hint of blue along in jersey design. The manufacturer’s logo also shows in different way. What the most stunning is the collar under the shirt which have red and white line. This is a good effort by Macron.

– The Crystal Palace

For the home jersey of Crystal Palace, some peoples stated that this design more than the last offering, instead with the medium lines, his jersey has blue and bold two tone design as well. this is make this jersey blend well with the sponsor’s logo. This jersey also following different path than last year. Instead if white, this year jersey having a bright yellow with the red and blue sash across the shirt as well. Again, sponsor logo also match well with this shirt as mentioned before.

– The Leicester City

This Premier League Champion return in style and many of supports will get these jerseys that had been redesigned with gold champion badge in the sleeve. Start with house jersey then Puma start to corporate the same design that they had been used in some other jerseys. But this one is incredible design. You can see on raised gild accent in collarbone along with gold Puma logo were able give great synergy in this jersey.

Arsenal Fly Emirates Jersey 2016

– Arsenal

Although Arsenal seem to be flirt being on the top of table each year, at least they do it while make looking so good. Puma which had been working with Gunners since 2013, make Arsenal look so modern while also being minimalist in the same time. The home jersey look like classic Arsenal with a bit changes although the dark red line is running down to the middle. The away jersey also offers you with simple approach with black or yellow collar as well. The shirt’s body also has yellow lines which give ribbed look along with The Gunners emblem finish out this design as well. The third jersey was the adventurous and reminds you with sport Jersey that owned Barcelona on several years ago. At least, Puma does not show too much green neon color.

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– The Tottenham Hotspur

Once again, Armour had been make other great afford with Spurs home jersey. Again, this kit does not cross to much with weird pattern. Instead, their design team goes with navy blue on shoulder and only few gold touches on the collar. Again, the manufactures and team logo following throughout jersey design along with sponsor logo in red color. This away jersey also had been made in well design that assembled the dark blue base along with gold accent as well.

– The Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough was making their fist start on Premier League and their jersey had been designed by Adidas that show the real flair as well. the home jersey had been dominated with power red color with white slanted panel which combined with blue trim. Actually, there are many teams which had been used red color, white and blue in their option and it is interesting that Adidas decided to do something different to help that common pattern become stand out. The away Jersey also reminds you with Chelsea’s away jersey in 2012. However, instead using the check pattern that really broke up that jersey, Adidas give a design  which somewhat 3 strip design on V neck on both sides that make this jersey look great.

– Burnley

The Aston Villa had been relegated on last season and Burnley was promoted as well. This home Jersey design also similar in cutting and design Arsenal’s away jersey with the clean and minimalist design. This away jersey also flipping the two tone design and giving the round collar to finish the effect. This is had been made by Puma.

– Chelsea

While some peoples might like the home and third jersey’s design, the away jersey look bit busier. However, the home jersey is look classic Adidas. They incorporated the team crest to this shirt along with 3 stripes going down on the sides. The third Jersey also has clean based design as well. (Check out Chelsea Website)

– The Hull City

This Tigers home jersey this year had been lose the pinstripes as you can see on last season that show much bolder look, along with wide yellow and black line, there is white collar and cuffs that give the striking look as well. The away jersey Premiere League was the basic black with the amber accent and does not that really stand out. This is also look like simple based jersey as well.


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