The Best Legendary Football Team That Will Make You Amazed

Which one that becomes great football team in around the world? The best football team needs to win at least one trophy. In addition, they also need to practice high skill football play and effective football. The most important thing, they need to have endured time for gain competition and rivalry with other in intense. The Best Legendary Football Team

What makes great team of football?

Sport for long time has becomes a great show of skill and higher degree of fitness.  Football has becomes sport that shows this criteria. The best team football below are chosen based on their history achievement in international team and the club football team.

  1. Arsenal

Arsenal has unbeatable for 2003-2004 Premier League seasons. Arsenal won more games and finishing 90 points in 2012. The attacking style team destroyed the opposition, and lead them into the league title winning. They have recorded of 49 unbeaten Premier Leagues Best Team ever.

  1. Milan

In this 6 years period, AC Milan has gain European Cup, 3 times (Champion League), and Italian League 4 times. AC Milan is football team that dominated European football. This team has supported with high world class player such as Paolo Maldini, RuudGullit, and many more.

  1. Liverpool

Liverpool wins their glory year in 1984 when this team achieves European Cup, domestic cup and league in same year. The star player, Ian Rush record 47 goals in this season. agen sbobet terpercaya

  1. West Germany

The German team is the team that notable with best football player in all of the time. The team won European Championship in 1972 and at 1974 the team won World Cup.

  1. France

In 1998, France has their glory year. This Team won World Cup and beat the most favorite football team, Brazil 3-0 in final match. In next 2000, this team won European Championship; defeat Italy with goal 2-1 from David Trezequet.  The other best players from this team that notable are Thieryy henry, Zinedine Zidane, Lauren Blanch, and Didier Deschamps.

  1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid until now is notable as best football team. In period of 1955-1960, this team known as the best team in world with their achievements in international championship and domestic. This team got their European Cup 5 time row in range year 1955-1960. In 1960 final, this team beat Entrechat Frankfurt 7-3 and noted as one of best football all of  time.

  1. Manchester United  

In 1998-1990 the team has won several championships include the prestigious tittle Champions League, FA Cup, and Premier League.  The Manchester United has noted with the famous and popular high skill football player such as Ryan Gigs, David Beckham, Roy Keane, Paul Scholes and many more. Such as other team under sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United team is tough team that will struggle into the lasts whistles. This can be seen on the best match on final 1999 Champions League math. The team against Bayern Munich and they come to win the game with the latest timing goal from   Solskjer and Sheringham.

Barcelona The Best Team in Football
Ronaldinho (L), Messi (C), O’too (R)
  1. Barcelona

In 10 years after   achievement from Manchester United, Barcelona starts their step to become the best Spain football club ever.  Barcelona beat Manchester united in final match in Champions League with the result 2-0.  This team also beat Real Madrid in La Liga 6-2 and also won the Copa Del Rey. In this season, the Barcelona player Lionel Messy gets achievement for best football player in the world.  Below the coaches of Pep Guardiola, Lionel Mesi even get doubled achievement from his career. The Tiki-Taka Style from Barcelona also becomes the important factor that lead this team into winner from domestic league and FIFA world Cup, UEFA Super Cups inn 2009.

  1. Brazil

1970 becomes the greatest World cup event in the time. Brazil collected 19 goals from 6 games. This game also noted as beautiful football attacking style from greatest player such as Pele, Rivelion, and Gerzon.

  1. Spain

In range 2007-20012, this becomes the biggest time for glory of Spain. In 2008 and 2012, this team won Championships League, and in 20100 this team won World Cup FIFA.  This team also notes unbeaten 35 games in their World Cup qualification.

Who becomes a great football manager?

Talk about great football club, it can be separated from important role from a club manager. Managing football club need high end talents and also knowledge about the game. They need to direct the team and manage the strategy when they take match with other club.

  • Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is known with his team that keep the ball possession, press the relentlessly, and the creativity of sublime. He is manager from Barcelona and takes this team into wining many trophy and champions.

  • Arsene Wenger

He is manager from Arsenal. He has been criticized for trust youth and also reluctant to the club. His achievement before entire season unbeaten inn 2003/2004.

  • Louis Van Gaal

Louis Van Gaal is known with his direct style and strict disciplinarian leadership. He has described as person that arrogant and proud, but his artistry and authority has leaded him as success football manager. When join in Ajax, he lead the Champion League (1995), UEFA Cup (1992), 1 domestic cup and 3 leagues titles. (Read also: Want to know the best Premier League Jersey? Click Here)

  • Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho, Portuguese coach that known with his well-organized defense tactic and has good physical strength ion his team.  Mourinho has won at least 8 league titles and 4 domestic cups when he joined with Chelsea, Inter Milan, Porto and Real Madrid. With Porto, he won 2003 UEFA cup and Champions League in 2004. In 2010, he lead Inter into winner of Champion League and in 2017, he lead Manchester United to win Champions League.CARLO ANCELOTTI REAL MADRID MANAGER

  • Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti has 20 trophies to his name and becomes the most prestigious managers in this list. With Real Madrid, he lead this club to won Champions League in 2014, he becomes the current active managers that win the tournament in three times.  Before this, he won the cup twice with Milan in 2007 and 2003. Versatility and adaptability becomes style of ancelotti management style.

How To Be A Good Football Player – Know These Things

Who doesn’t know football? Everybody knows it, especially for men. This sport is very fun and entertaining. As we know, when a good football player shows off a trick, we are always amazed. Moreover, when the trick is very unique and classy. Besides, the money which is obtained by a great football player is amazing. Yup, it can make us shocked. Because of it, now there are so many men who want to be a football player. However, if you want to be a great player, yet you have no idea about how to be a great football player, this may be helpful for you.

How To Be A Good Football Player - Know These Things

In this world, there is no one is born with football skills. Before being a great football player, there are some processes that should be faced. You have to keep training and improving your ability. Not only that, determination is the first thing that you should have if you want to be a great player. On the other hand, not all players can do versatile things. So, if you want to be a football player who can do any things, you must practice.

Know the basic skills of football

Perhaps, it is too general if we use word “skills”. But, it is true. Skills have vast circle. When you want to improve your skills, you should know the basics about playing football. In common, there are three basic things that you should know. These things are dribbling, passing, and shooting. If you want to be a great football player, you must master these three basic things. Here, if you want to master these things, you need to find and join a local club to learn these things. On the other hand, you can also utilize the development of technology by watching it on the internet.

However, we suggest you to join a local club to master the basic things about being a good football player because you will be assisted by a coach. Here, practice is more important than a theory. Besides, if you join a local football team, you will get regular training. So, it will be good for your step. There is something that you have to do at first. What is it? You have to find the best team in your area. In this case, the best local team definitely has a better coach than other teams.

Train your football skills

When you have already known the three basic things about football. You can train those things in your home. Here, you have to find a place which has an enough space to practice. An area which has a wall is better. For example, the wall can be used as a target of your shooting training. Which means, you should mark the wall with anything that can be used to make a target. After that, you have to train your shooting accuracy. Keep doing it until you can completely shoot a ball right onto the target. Besides, if you have no friend to play a football with, you can use a wall.

In order to be a good football player, you can improve another basic thing of football – passing. Yup, passing is important. Here, you can pretend that the sign on the wall is your training partner. Not only that, you will also learn about how to receive a ball. It is like how strong you pass a ball, then how good you receive a strong pass. In this case, you can also implement the theories of passing that you get in a local football team. Besides, you have to improve your dribbling skills. As we know, you may get the basic tricks of dribbling a ball from the local team. However, you have to improve your dribbling skills by yourself.

Train your football skills

Perfect your basic football things

When you think that you have already mastered the three basic things of football, you have to go to the next level. As we know, we can’t play football alone. There is a rival which should be defeated. Here, your rival will try to defeat you as well. If you only master those basic things, that will not be enough if you are at this point. You have to dribble the ball to pass through your enemy, you have to pass the ball without getting stolen by your enemy, and you have to shoot the ball without getting caught by your enemy’s goalkeeper.

In this field, you are suggested to be as creative as possible. A standard passing will be easily stolen or blocked by your enemy. If you can do some tricks which are able to trick your enemy, that will be great. Not only that, dribbling is a thing which you have to improve as well. Here, when you can pass your enemy by doing some tricks, you can satisfy your team and even the supporter. In addition, you can also see great football players on the internet. Not only that, you can learn the tricks by watching their game play as well.

Besides, shooting is not as simple as its look. Yup, we have already known that the goal is guarded by a goalkeeper. So, if you want to easily score a goal, you have to shoot it properly. There are some types of shooting that you can learn. For instance, you can learn about how to curve a ball. If you have ever seen how a banana kick looks like, you may be amazed. Here, you can ask to your coach to master that special ability. In addition, you can see on the internet as well.

Is there any information about to be a good football player

Is there any information about how to be a good football player?

We have already known that football is a 90-minute game. So, you have to keep your body stay fit. Besides, stamina will affect your playing. Not only that, you have to make sure that you always improve your agility, speed, and quickness. If you are agile, your enemy will be difficult to stop your moves. On the other hand, you have to watch a football match, whether in television or in stadium. Why? Because it will give you a lesson. For example, you can understand football in a comprehensive way. (For information how to increase your stamina in soccer, click here)

How to Increase Stamina in Soccer

Are you kind of a person who loves to do some sports? For people who love often to do some sports means that they have to increase stamina. It will be so much different with some people who don’t like to do sports that they will often to be tired. This matter happens because for you who love to do some activities at sports you must be moving and training your all muscle to move and gain. After that, you will also be used to train your stamina to become longer than ones who never or rare to do some exercises. For you who love to play soccer, having the stable and good stamina is needed, because playing soccer needs a player who are able to play for 90 minutes long time, and the game time is also divided in two half. If you are soccer player, you have to increase the stamina that you have to stand longer in the game.

How to Increase Your Stamina in Soccer

If you have never train your body and your stamina to get longer stamina, you won’t be able to survive in the soccer game, because the sport is very need to play for 45 minutes without stop and break. Therefore, the stamina has an important role to be considered. As the soccer player, you must be very fond of being the best soccer player in the team; you can be he superior in the team by increasing the skill of your way of play the ball and by having he last longer stamina. You will be just the best soccer player if you are able to combine between having the best skill in handling the ball and having the last longer stamina while you are in the field. You can improve your stamina properly if you do really want to increase it. Read further to get know how to increase stamina in soccer.


The Advantages to have More Stamina

If you are wondering about how important to have the last longer stamina than the others while you have the best skill in handling and controlling the ball, you are totally wrong, because it will has no use if you have the greater skill in controlling the ball but the stamina of yours is weak and tired faster than the others. You will have much more a chance to win the soccer game if you and your teammates have the last longer stamina, the performance of your feet will be always ready to shoot and handle the ball because you have still much more stamina in your body. The way how you think the strategy to handle and dribble the ball will be affected if you don’t have much stamina. You will not focus to the game if you are tired and have no much stamina. As agen sbobet saids think about it wisely.

The other advantages to have such a good stamina are you will not easily tired in the game which is going to give you more benefit in the game. When the time your opponent is tired or their stamina are down in the near end of the game, you can utilize this situation to give much more attack to make some goals. Then, it will increase the chance of you to be seen from other greater teams in soccer. Because they are all will seeing and watching you how you play in the game and how best your stamina is. Therefore, you have to do maximally to be the best soccer player. The best soccer player has the complete package such as having the maximum skill in the field to control and handle the ball and has the last longer stamina to play in the game till the last minute of the game.

The Best Ways to Increase Stamina

The Best Ways to Increase Stamina

After knowing and learning all of the things in detail about the advantages to have much more stamina in soccer game, now is the time for you to get know better how to increase your stamina into the maximum level. There are some best ways that you can do to make it happen. The most important thing to make it works is you need to run the ways consistently, never say that you are tired, always think about your purpose what you are going to be, and it will automatically motivate yourself to be the greater player which has the best stamina in the field and completed with the higher skill in the game that you also have it. It is such a dream player in the soccer game. Jogging can be the best way to increase your stamina while you are in the field, and you can arrange your time properly when the right time to jogging. Aside from that, having the enough resting time such as sleep is needed, because you need to balance between the exercise that you do with the resting time that you need. Rearrange your jogging time with your resting time to increase your stamina slowly but sure. (Related Article: How to watch the soccer game like a expert)

At last but not least, another thing that you can do to improve or increase stamina to be better is by doing some exercise which triggers your cardio stamina. You can do to the gym to have some exercises over there. Gaining the muscle and forming the muscle is also able to be the best way to improve your stamina in the field. You can utilize the existence of the treadmill tool at gym to jogging or to sprint to train your stamina. You have to do it step by step and day by day you have to make a progress with having the higher level in your exercise. Do not forget to concern about the nutrition that you consume must be balanced. You have to concern about the food that you are going to consume in daily, choose the higher carb rates on the food to help you from the inside in improving the stamina. But, it doesn’t mean that you forget about the protein, choose the higher protein food instead of the fat to make your body is stand longer in the soccer field.

Best Jersey Premiere League 2016/2017

Adidas and Nike as jersey premiere league were raising the game to the incredible level, then we were being reacted to some of best kits that we ever seen in football world. Come up from minimalist design Real Madrid and Forentina and elaborating the artworks which is new Pumas UNAM kit. Of course, each of them has their own design that can attract many fans. New season had been coming and you might look for new jersey that had been released for each club. As mentioned before that some of what we had been seen look really stand out. You should also note that Nike was only providing kits for one team in this season. Best Jersey Premiere League 2016/2017

Here, several best Premier League Jerseys for this 2016/2017 season:

– The Southampton

The kit maker is Under Armour had been really made this mark with Southampton’s home jersey. They already take everything traditional about this club and sponsor’s logo as well. they come with incredible blend that you never find before. Nothing was overpowering in this home design and you might state that this can be the most classic jersey which other should look for getting inspiration. The away design also as good in grey panel that make this kits look so standout.

– The Stoke City

Do not want getting beaten, Stoke City’s home jersey also has beautiful design as well. It has very synergic design. This is almost looking like Under Armour and Macron which took the same class in the Kit Making 101. This jersey, you can find red and white line with the hint of blue along in jersey design. The manufacturer’s logo also shows in different way. What the most stunning is the collar under the shirt which have red and white line. This is a good effort by Macron.

– The Crystal Palace

For the home jersey of Crystal Palace, some peoples stated that this design more than the last offering, instead with the medium lines, his jersey has blue and bold two tone design as well. this is make this jersey blend well with the sponsor’s logo. This jersey also following different path than last year. Instead if white, this year jersey having a bright yellow with the red and blue sash across the shirt as well. Again, sponsor logo also match well with this shirt as mentioned before.

– The Leicester City

This Premier League Champion return in style and many of supports will get these jerseys that had been redesigned with gold champion badge in the sleeve. Start with house jersey then Puma start to corporate the same design that they had been used in some other jerseys. But this one is incredible design. You can see on raised gild accent in collarbone along with gold Puma logo were able give great synergy in this jersey.

Arsenal Fly Emirates Jersey 2016

– Arsenal

Although Arsenal seem to be flirt being on the top of table each year, at least they do it while make looking so good. Puma which had been working with Gunners since 2013, make Arsenal look so modern while also being minimalist in the same time. The home jersey look like classic Arsenal with a bit changes although the dark red line is running down to the middle. The away jersey also offers you with simple approach with black or yellow collar as well. The shirt’s body also has yellow lines which give ribbed look along with The Gunners emblem finish out this design as well. The third jersey was the adventurous and reminds you with sport Jersey that owned Barcelona on several years ago. At least, Puma does not show too much green neon color.

(Want to know how to watch soccer game like an experts? Click here)

– The Tottenham Hotspur

Once again, Armour had been make other great afford with Spurs home jersey. Again, this kit does not cross to much with weird pattern. Instead, their design team goes with navy blue on shoulder and only few gold touches on the collar. Again, the manufactures and team logo following throughout jersey design along with sponsor logo in red color. This away jersey also had been made in well design that assembled the dark blue base along with gold accent as well.

– The Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough was making their fist start on Premier League and their jersey had been designed by Adidas that show the real flair as well. the home jersey had been dominated with power red color with white slanted panel which combined with blue trim. Actually, there are many teams which had been used red color, white and blue in their option and it is interesting that Adidas decided to do something different to help that common pattern become stand out. The away Jersey also reminds you with Chelsea’s away jersey in 2012. However, instead using the check pattern that really broke up that jersey, Adidas give a design  which somewhat 3 strip design on V neck on both sides that make this jersey look great.

– Burnley

The Aston Villa had been relegated on last season and Burnley was promoted as well. This home Jersey design also similar in cutting and design Arsenal’s away jersey with the clean and minimalist design. This away jersey also flipping the two tone design and giving the round collar to finish the effect. This is had been made by Puma.

– Chelsea

While some peoples might like the home and third jersey’s design, the away jersey look bit busier. However, the home jersey is look classic Adidas. They incorporated the team crest to this shirt along with 3 stripes going down on the sides. The third Jersey also has clean based design as well. (Check out Chelsea Website)

– The Hull City

This Tigers home jersey this year had been lose the pinstripes as you can see on last season that show much bolder look, along with wide yellow and black line, there is white collar and cuffs that give the striking look as well. The away jersey Premiere League was the basic black with the amber accent and does not that really stand out. This is also look like simple based jersey as well.

How to Watch the Soccer Game like Experts

If you are watching a soccer game, then you definitely want to analyze the game like an expert. There are many experts who can estimate the outcome of a football game. The experts are able to know the game by making conclusions and important summaries related to football. This is a skill gained over the years. The experts definitely make you curious about the right way to watch a game. Football fans want skills like experts to create opportunities from a soccer game. Modern soccer audiences look forward to having that skill so they can enjoy the game of football. The audience will feel bored when discussing a beautiful goal. The audience wants a basic technique to see the game. You need long learning and practice but you definitely do not have much time to do that. You will never get the best time to understand the exciting things that happen on the soccer field. You can learn the elements below.

How to Watch the Soccer Game like Experts

Know the Sneaky Players

You have to keep an eye on players who look cunning. This is a dangerous player for another team. There are four phases that have an important influence in a soccer game. The phase consists of transitions from persisting to attackers, switching from attacking techniques to defensive, defensive, and offensive. All football games can be incorporated into one of these categories. You should be able to put the event into one of the right categories. You should be able to do this accurately. You just need complete information by viewing the game. If the central midfielder does not return to the starting position when a team has gained the ball maybe the player is following orders from the manager, then this is the category of defending being attacked. The player aims to insert the ball when the opponent looks off guard. This method can help you to know which players will cause big problems for the team. Midfielders who are in a strange position can indeed interfere with the opponent. If any player is confused, then the player can make a mistake.

The Team That Controls the Ball

One of the things that can determine the outcome of the soccer game is a team that can master and lose the ball. Both teams can end or initiate attacking and defensive techniques. The question will not get a wrong and correct answer. Surviving can be the right technique when the team can handle the ball. The ball does not need to cross the field line. It depends on the way used to survive and get the ball. If you can determine which team has the ball, then you will find the foundation of the game. There are many reasons from the team that put the defender in the goal. Experts can say easily that the team will strike back. Another way is to attract other players to the game area of the team. The next way is to grab the ball when the player has arrived in the penalty box. This is a great way to save your team from threats and give players the opportunity to style properly in the defensive phase of the attack. One of the teams that give a great example is Chelsea. Jose Mourinho has trained this team to implement it. The team will attract opponents and players will cut off the attack quickly and well. The great player has the opportunity to direct the ball into the opponent’s goal. This is a wonderful way and this team can survive by doing this system. This team has many advantages by using a blank area when the opposing player is in the right position. Fabregas can ease this way with a very fast and amazing ability.

The Team That Controls the Ball

Game Type

Ball game by passing bait or game directly is still a debate. Both systems have been considered long passes. You should not be fooled by this system. The soccer game will be directly done with a long feed but this system does not have to do with it. The proper technique to distinguish these two systems is that they are directed to the foot or forwards. The change is a great way to find out what the team means. This is one of the factors that make a change in a football game. Manchester United has done this system to avoid risk on the game. This team will send the ball to the feet of other players. Mastery is the main ability in doing this technique. You can determine the speed of the game while controlling the ball. It can also avoid opponents to seize your ball. The opposing player will find it difficult to counterattack. Long bait systems can also make your opponent become depressed. (Check out our site by click here)

View All Sides

All game conditions can be read easily when you can see the entire area of the field. You can understand all the games when you can see all the parts of a field. If you watch on television, then there are many angles to be cut off. You cannot see the whole game. You will find it difficult to see the approach taken on a team. You also can not see the players who put the position. The position placement of the players must have a relationship with other players. It cannot be seen easily on television. You must watch a live football game to understand the flow of the game. You can sit in an overstuffed chair or an ordinary Tribune. This will not affect your view. You will definitely get significant progress by seeing the game live. You can understand the basic principles of a team’s strategy. You can use Sky cameras to view the landscape from a wide field. Television cameras will not give that view to you. If you have a strong determination, then you can record the whole game and watch the game for several times. You will get an overview of the game in general. The second thing is you can learn how to understand the game of football in a deeper phase. Those are two benefits that can be gained by using these tips. Football lovers will surely feel challenged to analyze a football game. This is a pleasure that can be done by football fans.